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What is digital currency?

Digital currency is an alternative currency in the form of electronic currency. It is an unregulated and digital currency, which is usually issued and managed by developers and accepted and used by members of a specific virtual community.

It is different from the virtual currency in the virtual world, because it can be used for real goods and services transactions, not limited to online games. The early digital currency (digital gold currency) is a form of electronic currency named after the weight of gold. Today's digital currencies, such as bitcoin, lightcoin and ppcoin, rely on parity sum cryptography to create, issue and circulate electronic currencies.

Why use tradeland to trade digital currency?

We aim to help our traders succeed by providing excellent trading experience.

  • Investors need to register an account first.
  • Obtain digital currency account and US dollar or other foreign exchange account at the same time.
  • Users can use the money in their cash account to buy and sell digital currency, just like buying and selling stocks and futures.

How to trade digital currency?

At present, digital currency is more like an investment product. Due to the lack of strong security institutions to maintain its price stability, its role as a measure of value has not yet been shown, nor can it be used as a means of payment. As an investment product, the development of digital currency is inseparable from trading platforms, operating companies and investors.

Trading platform plays the role of trading agent, while some play the role of market maker. The profits of these trading platforms come from the current expenses and premium income of investors trading or holding digital currency.

Digital currency

Instruments Contract Size Min Trade Size Max Trade Size Leverage
BATUSD 10000 0.01 100 5
BCHUSD 100 0.01 100 5
BTCUSD 1 0.01 100 5
ETHUSD 100 0.01 100 5
DSHUSD 100 0.01 1000 5
LTCUSD 100 0.01 1000 5
XMRUSD 100 0.01 1000 5
ZECUSD 100 0.01 1000 5
EOSUSD 100 0.01 10000 5
ETCUSD 100 0.01 10000 5
IOTUSD 100 0.01 10000 5
NEOUSD 100 0.01 10000 5
OMGUSD 100 0.01 10000 5
XRPUSD 100 0.01 10000 5