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Forex is a market where you can exchange one currency for another.

Precious metal

Precious metals such as gold and silver are tradable instruments, which are classified as commodities, so their prices want to be unified all over the world.

Index and Oil

Stock index is a group of stocks that can be bought or sold as a single trading tool.


Digital currency is an alternative currency in the form of electronic currency, which can be used for real goods and services transactions.

Our strengths

Tradeland is the world's leading financial institution

  • Lower spread

    Our mission is to provide traders with the lowest possible spread in a variety of market conditions. We have invested heavily in technology and established good relationships with the largest and most reliable liquidity providers.

  • Fast execution

    Tradeland has its own enterprise hardware support on trade servers in MT4 and LD5 data centers in New York and London, respectively. The data center is also where our quotation providers store their servers. Dedicated fiber cross connect to our network, quotation providers ensure the lowest latency and fastest transaction execution for our customers.

  • Super technology

    Tradeland has cooperated with the best trading technology companies in the world to provide you with unparalleled trading environment and cutting-edge trading tools, including: DOM depth, internal market spread monitoring; ladder trading technology; automatic position closing using customer-defined templates, etc. Our iPhone and Android mobile device trading applications have been optimized to provide you with the best mobile trading experience.






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Trading products

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