Forex Calculators

Streamline your trading process by using our epic forex calculators.

Forex Calculators

Saving you some much needed time to concentrate on your trading decisions instead of long calculations.

Currency Converter

Converts one currency into another using market exchange rates.


Margin Calculator

Estimates the minimum account balance you need to open a new position.

Margin Used:

Pip Calculator

Determines the pip value of a trade and therefore your risk management strategy.

1 Pip:
Please note that for non-currency pair instruments, the PIP value represents:
Stock Indices/Bonds - Point Value (change in price by 1, equals 1 point).
WTI/Metals - Tick Value (change in price of XAUUSD/WTI by 0.01 or XAGUSD by 0.001 equals 1 tick).