Why choose Tradeland

By providing traders with what they really want, Tradeland has grown into the world's largest MT4 and raw spread brokers.

The ultimate deal support

Our trading environment is created with traders in mind. Scalping, hedging and automatic trading are allowed. Our original spread account started at 0.0. We offer flexible leverage options, offer up to 1:500 and accept deposits in 10 major currencies.

Flexible trading volume

Customers can trade from 0.01 hand (1000 base currency) to 250 hand (25 million base currency) through our trading environment. Our technology classifies and sorts prices to allow real-time execution of transactions across multiple quote providers and their quote layers, which ensures the best price for any transaction size.

Professional first-class team, let you have a better trading experience

Lower spread

Our mission is to provide traders with the lowest possible spread in a variety of market conditions. We have invested heavily in technology and established a good relationship with the largest and most reliable liquidity provider: the provider. We continue to add more liquidity sources to the existing raw spread environment so that our traders can enjoy the best foreign exchange trading conditions in the world. Excellent trading environment for customers to bring the best foreign exchange trading conditions.

Fast execution

Tradeland has its own enterprise hardware support on trade servers in ny4 and LD5 data centers in New York and London, respectively. The data center is also where our quotation providers store their servers. Dedicated fiber cross connect to our network, quotation providers ensure the lowest latency and fastest transaction execution for our customers.

Super technology

Tradeland has cooperated with the best trading technology companies in the world to provide you with unparalleled trading environment and cutting-edge trading tools, including: DOM depth, internal market spread monitoring; ladder trading technology; automatic position closing using customer-defined templates, etc. Our iPhone and Android mobile device trading applications have been optimized to provide you with the best mobile trading experience.

Unparalleled customer service

Tradeland is committed to providing customers with unparalleled customer service and support. Our team has outstanding experience in the foreign exchange industry, so they understand the needs of foreign exchange traders. So you can trade safely in tradeland, because we are with you 24 hours a week.

Advanced trading tools

Our plug-ins on MetaTrader. Such as one click transaction module, market depth, spread monitoring, transaction risk calculation, advanced order type and other functions that never existed on MT4 in the past will provide better trading experience for traders.

Excellent trading platform

MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and ctrader are the three best platforms in the world. Tradeland directly connects with our raw pricing environment through MT4, MT5 and ctrader to provide transactions for customers.

Trust and transparency

Trust and transparency are tradeland's core values. Tradeland, as a raw spread broker, promises that there will be no man-made interference in quotation, price tampering and trading restrictions.