About tradeland

Tradeland is a provider of contracts for foreign exchange differences

When was Tradeland founded?

Tradeland was founded in Sydney, Australia's financial center, in 2007 by a management team with extensive experience in foreign exchange and technology in investment banking.

Tradeland is one of the most famous CFD contract brokers, providing trading solutions for active intraday traders, scalpers and novices in the foreign exchange market. Tradeland provides its customers with the most advanced trading platform, low latency connectivity and excellent liquidity. Tradeland is revolutionizing online foreign exchange trading, where online traders now have access to pricing and liquidity previously available only to investment banks and high net worth individuals.

Our management team has extensive experience in foreign exchange, CFD and stock markets in Asia, Europe and North America. It is this experience that enables us to choose the best possible technology solution and to manually select the best liquidity available in the market.


Why was Tradeland founded ?

Tradeland tries to narrow the gap between retail and institutional customers by offering trading solutions previously available only to investment banks and high net worth individuals. Tradeland was born to provide outstanding execution technology, lower spread and unparalleled mobility.

To learn more, tradeland is committed to continuous innovation, continuous improvement and utilization of the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Mission Statement

The mission of tradeland is to provide retail customers and institutional traders with the same professional services that enable them to focus more on trading.

The most transparent trading environment. At the same time, we are committed to providing excellent point spread, execution and service for traders.

Core values

Compliance management

Tradeland acknowledges the importance ofcompliancewith all relevant laws, rules, regulations,policies and standards. Tradeland is comittedtohaving strict management discipline and frts-lasscontrols inour compliance environment As a globally regulated entity Tradeland is required to meet strict financialstandards, including capital adequacy and audit requirements.

Tradeland holds client money in clent segregated trust accounts with Westpac and National Australia Bank (NAB) for the ASIC License and at Barclays Bank for the FSA License. All client money ismanagedin accordance with the Client Money Handing rules and held separately to Tradeland company funds. Clientmoneyis not used for any operational expenses or purposes.


Tradeland has an independent external audit to complement our business processes and ensure compliance with regulations.


Tradeland maintains the most appropriate control and supervises the company's internal and external transfer of confidential and sensitive customer information based on the principle of "know as you need". I markets will not disclose customer information intentionally, except at the customer's request or in accordance with the law.